What is FBAS?

The Family Business Association Saskatoon (FBAS) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1999 with the mandate to promote the well-being, understanding and success of families in business. FBAS provides services, resources and support to those involved in family enterprise, including both extended business families and the advisors that counsel them.

By participating in peer groups, seminars and workshops, FBAS provides a forum for families and their advisors to share ideas, learn best practices and build collective skills. We offer an outsider’s perspective with an insider understanding of family business.

Every year, we also host a local Family Business Excellence (FBE) Award Dinner to celebrate outstanding family businesses in our community.

Our Mission

To promote the sustainability and growth of Saskatoon and area business families by providing education and support through community and shared experience.

Our Vision

We are an engaged and supportive community of vibrant Saskatoon and area business families and advisors who connect, share ideas and learn from each others’ unique experiences.

How Can FBAS Help You?

We help you to navigate the unique dynamics of family business. FBAS focuses on delivering programs and services in these areas:

  • Supportive Family Business Personal Advisory Circles (PAC’s)
  • Practical and Relevant Educational Programming
  • Applicable Resources and Information
  • Family Engagement and Networking

Educational Programming

Relevant Workshops & Seminars

Another challenge those in business families face is gaining access to education, information and resources specific to family enterprise. FBAS helps by offering family business education through a variety of programs during the year.

Workshops will vary and depend on what education or information members desire and request. Events where family businesses share their experiences are always interesting and draw a larger audience. We encourage educational events that include member discussions and interaction with the presenters.

Family Business Personal Advisory Circles (PAC’s)

Your Own Dedicated “Board of Advisors”

A PAC is a group of 8-12 FBAS members from different non-competing family businesses, and occasionally advisors, who meet monthly to support each other by sharing both personal and business experience in a confidential and supportive environment. FBAS provides excellent resource materials and moderator training, along with a $500 annual grant for each PAC to help cover the costs of a PAC retreat.

Probably the most common challenge family business members face is isolation – it is often difficult to discuss problems with other family members. Also those outside the family business often don’t understand the unique challenges of a family enterprise, such as:

  • Developing a continuity plan consistent with family values and traditions
  • Family governance including managing family conflict, rivalry and communications
  • Successfully bringing family members into the business
  • Growing the business while maintaining family harmony
  • Passing along vision and values to the next generation

This forum provides the unique chance to learn from a group of like-minded professionals and family business members. The most attractive benefit of FBAS membership for many is the PAC experience, which is considered worth the membership fee alone.

Step 1

What is the cost join FBAS?

Family & Advisor Membership Fees

GST is added to all fees below.

$750; September 1st to August 31st.  Renewal date: September 1st annually.
The fees are automatically invoiced for this amount until membership is cancelled. Includes unlimited PAC members per family.

Or pay monthly. Members who choose to pay monthly will be charged $70/month for twelve automatically deducted payments. Email to inquire: info@familybusinesssaskatoon.ca

Membership Application

Please fill in our application, its an easy to use fillable PDF and then email to info@familybusinesssaskatoon.ca

Family Business Application

Advisor Application

Step 2

What is FBAS’s source of revenue?

Membership fees, sponsorships and event registrations are sources of revenue. As a not-for-profit association we manage an annual breakeven budget of approximately $80,000 per year to develop and deliver top quality events and programming to our members.

Step 3

How does FBAS handle the administrative and managerial tasks of the organization?

The work of the organization could not be possible without the valued volunteer work of board and committee members and other FBAS members. Please consider getting involved to assist the organization A single part-time staff member who functions as the Executive Administrator will work with the board and committees to provide comprehensive membership services.