Personality Profiling Session

February 28, 2019 7:30 pm

Edwards Centre 333 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2L7

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We all have our own leadership, communication and work styles that help and hinder us.  We also all have blind spots.  Family can be especially vulnerable – assuming they know everything about the other person simply because they’ve always been in each other’s lives.  The interesting thing about using these assessment tools is that they create a lens that is different than your own.  You may learn more about why they communicate or work a certain way, instead of just how they do it.  They may learn about you too!  There’s the opportunity!  You may understand them better and be able to leverage that for the benefit of your relationship and your business. This is also important for all those who work with you.  Creating a common language around styles can help create a safer environment for addressing differences that affect performance and team cohesiveness.  This will be an opportunity to learn about how it might be useful to you, your family, and your business (from the inside out).

Presenter will be Glenda Ball, LeadUp Coaching and Consulting Inc.

To be held at Edwards Centre.

No charge for this event.

LeadUp Coaching and Consulting Inc. is owned by Glenda Ball and was started in 2011. Glenda is always interested in finding the very best solutions for her clients, and works independently or partners with one of her fantastic colleagues to deliver outstanding results. She is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Strategic HR Advisor to small and mid-sized businesses.  Glenda is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, and is MBTI Certified as well!