Last updated: October 18, 2018


October 1, 2018 – The Family Business Association Saskatoon (FBAS) will be formally launched at a kick-off event to happen on October 16th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Fionn MacCool’s. Formerly the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise – Saskatoon Chapter, FBAS has been promoting the well-being, understanding and success of families in business for the last 19 years. FBAS provides services, resources and support to those involved in family enterprise, including both extended business families and the advisors. Family Business Association Saskatoon was born out of a desire to support and nurture families in Saskatoon and area. The Prairies are unique in its culture and make up of family enterprise. From contracting companies to garden centres, there is a diverse profile of businesses in operation that are hoping to transfer to the next generation and over 70% may not survive their initial transition. FBAS HELPS FAMILIES BEAT THE ODDS.

By participating in peer groups, seminars and workshops, FBAS provides a forum for families and their advisors to share ideas, learn best practices and build collective skills. We offer an outsider’s perspective with an insider understanding of family business.

Collin Schaan, Board Chair of FBAS says, “We are excited about our new direction. Our mission and vision will remain the same but will now take on a more local focus – helping business families succeed by sharing knowledge and experiences that promote economic prosperity and growth for family enterprises in Saskatoon and area.“

FBAS is different than other industry and networking organizations by offering a Peer to Peer program called Personal Advisory Circles (PAC). A PAC is a group of 8-12 FBAS members from different non-competing family businesses and advisors who meet regularly to support each other by sharing both personal and business experience in a confidential and supportive environment.

Schaan says, “We are pleased to offer family businesses in Saskatoon and area support from like-minded individuals who appreciate the opportunity to learn from each other.” There are two classes of Members – family and advisors that meet regularly at educational presentations and at social events to discuss the issues that all too often cause issues with families and prevent business from achieving successful succession.

“There are endless opportunities in Saskatoon and area and we want to strengthen and build our relationships and partnerships with local, family businesses,” says Schaan. “Another challenge, those in business families face, is gaining access to education, information and resources specific to family enterprise. FBAS helps by offering family business education through a variety of programs during the year.”

FBAS’s vision is to be an engaged and supportive community of vibrant Saskatoon and area business families and advisors that share ideas and learn from each others’ unique experiences. FBAS offers ‘real value’ in a region where economic challenges are often a harsh reality.

For More Information Contact:

Heather Anderson, Interim Executive Director FBAS